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Among the victims was a 94-year-old woman who was swindled out of her home through a reverse mortgage signed without her knowledge.

She was forced into a nursing home, where she died.

Conn’s cut was estimated at over million, according to federal prosecutors. Death didn’t stop the stealing It was called A Better Choice, a company providing custom in-home services to help older people with chores and their finances.

He pleaded guilty to theft of government money and paying bribes and was facing a 12-year sentence. But hiring the group turned out to be the worst possible choice for at least 12 people, who were bilked out of their life savings by the company and a prominent lawyer.

Homes lost to flamboyant crook Sammy Araya wrapped himself in the trappings of a successful businessman — a leased California mansion, several expensive vehicles and a racehorse.

He even produced and starred in a television show that ran online called Make It Rain.

When the woman died at age 95, Lieberman drafted a will naming herself as the executor, and continued to steal from the estate. Hamlett was sentenced to three years in prison, and William Price will spend five years behind bars.

During an eight-year period, thousands of ineligible people were enrolled in SSDI, according to court documents.

The clients were sent to dishonest doctors, prosecutors said, including clinical psychologist Alfred Bradley Adkins, also indicted in the scheme. Then the applicants had claims approved by Administrative Law Judge David Daugherty — who was charged with taking bribes to rubber-stamp the paperwork.

“The defendants are charged with designing an intricate scheme to fraudulently induce payment of 0 million in federal disability and health care benefits,” said Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Daugherty was sentenced to four years in prison for taking over 0,000 in bribes.

Adkins was found guilty and is awaiting sentencing.

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